Abraham Maltz is a plastic surgeon who appeared in “General Ludd”.


Maltz was a successful plastic surgeon in Miami, offering his services to those who wished to disappear, such as Nathaniel Wolff. At some point in the past, Raymond Reddington went to Maltz to get work done.

General LuddEdit

Red takes Elizabeth Keen to Miami to see Maltz, the plastic surgeon who changed Wolff's face. He explains that Maltz is an asset that Red wishes to protect, and that he doesn't want Liz to arrest him.

When the two see Maltz in his office, Red greets him and says that he requires the new name that Wolff is going under, but Maltz refuses. Liz then informs him the she is an FBI agent, and threatens to have the Miami FBI field office raid his office if he does not give them the name. Maltz relents, giving them the name Bradley Holland.

Red angrily tells him off for giving up his promised confidentiality so easily and says that he brought Liz to Maltz for his services, promising specifically that he would respect his confidentiality. Liz and Red then storm out angrily, with Maltz yelling for Red to forgive him.