Most if not all of the blacklisters are connected. At first it was believed that they were all somehow connected to Berlin. However, while some of them were connected to Berlin, Berlin was not the true enemy behind the blacklist. The Cabal, or the mysterious organization that wants Reddington eliminated, seems to be the true enemy.

This page is meant to show how the blacklisters are connected to Reddington’s war against the Cabal. All of the blacklisters are connected to the war since Reddington needs to continue giving up names to the FBI to stay under their protection. However some blacklisters are more involved in the conflict.


  • Peter Kotsiopulos A.K.A. "The Director" (No. 24) - presumed to be the leader of the Cabal who is now dead
  • Alan Fitch A.K.A. "The Decembrist" (No.12) - member of the cabal. He is responsible for Reddington’s war with Berlin
  • Roger Hobbs, head of the Longevity Initiative (No. 97) - member of the cabal. Agreed with Red about stopping the Cabal’s plan. Red also wanted Julian Powell's research in order to access Liz's locked memories.
  • Thomas Connolly (No.11) - member of the cabal. Corrupt U.S. Attorney General. Blackmailed Harold Cooper into doing favors for the cabal. Kept tabs on the blacklist taskforce. Helped frame Elizabeth Keen for the assassination of a United States Senator who was murdered by Elizabeth Keen

Cabal AgentsEdit

  • Luther Todd Braxton (No. 21) - hired by the Director to gain information about the Fulcrum
  • Stanley R. Kornish A.K.A. "The Stewmaker" (No. 161) - aided Fitch with the disappearance of Berlin’s daughter
  • Anslo Garrick (No. 16) - hired by Fitch to retrieve Reddington from the taskforce base
  • Leonard Caul A.K.A. Joesph McCray (No. 62) - helped create the Fulcrum and helped Elizabeth Keen decrypt it. He is now an ally of Reddington’s
  • Quon Zhang (No.87) - contracted multiple times by the cabal for smuggling bombs. Also contracted by the cabal to smuggle Karakurt into the United States
  • Karakurt (No. 55) - hired by the cabal to attack a CIA base and frame Elizabeth Keen for the assassination of a United States Senator
  • Milos Kirchoff A.K.A. "Berlin" (No. 8) - became Berlin and enemy of Reddington after bombing caused by Fitch and Reddington was blamed for his daughter’s death.
  • Eli Matchett (No.72)- hired by Verdiant to infect the world’s food supply so Verdiant could make money and look like heroes when they released new crops giving the Cabal more power. Reddington also got evidence against Verdiant.
  • Nasim Bakhash A.K.A. “The Djinn” (No.43) - Reddington knew members of the Cabal had used her services. He took a page from her client journal which contained information on the Cabal members. It is possible that Red recruited Alice to his syndicate as well.
  • Ethan Donovan A.K.A. “The Arsonist” (No. 123) – hired by the Cabal to cover up operations. He was later hired to erase information that could exonerate Elizabeth Keen. 
  • Matias Solomon (No. 32) – one of the Cabal’s most trusted agents. He escaped federal and Cabal custody with the help of Susan Hargrave.  


  • Major (No. 75) - supplied agents to Berlin to hunt Reddington
  • Tom Keen A.K.A. Jacob Phelps (No. 7) - an agent of The Major that was hired by Berlin to spy on Elizabeth Keen. He is now an ally of Elizabeth Keen’s.
  • Nora Mills A.K.A. Lord Baltimore (No. 104) - hired by Berlin to find Naomi Hyland and thus have leverage over Reddington
  • Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112) - a bank that handles Berlin’s accounts and funds
  • Eric Trettel A.K.A. The Alchemist (No. 101) - hired by either The Major, Berlin, or Lucy Brooks. He had Lucy as a client. He faked her death and changed her appearance to help her hide from Reddington.
  • Kingmaker (No. 42) - hired by Berlin to frame Emil Dusek, a member of the Czech parliament and an ally of Reddington, for murder and remove him from office. Reddington wanted him captured so that he could be interrogated for information on Berlin. 

Unknown RelationEdit

  • Milton Bobbit A.K.A. The Undertaker (No. 136) - after Bobbit’s suicide and the FBI seized his client list, Reddington was looking through the list but the purpose was not revealed. It is possible that Bobbit was hired by the cabal at some point.


  • Maddox Beck, head of the Front (No. 74) - had possession of the key to the Fulcrum’s decryption machine.
  • Justin Kenyon, head of the Kenyon Family (No. 71) - had possession of the Fulcrum’s decryption machine.


Tom Keen - Berlin - Agent Edit

  • Ranko Zamani (No. 52) - brought into the United States by Reddington to prove that he could provide intelligence on dangerous criminals in order for FBI protection. Reddington had him attack Tom Keen and plant blood on the carpet over the secret compartment where Tom kept his box of passports and a gun. The blood stain caused Elizabeth to tear up the carpet, thus finding the box and she started to doubt Tom.
  • Tommy Phelps A.K.A. The Courier (No. 85) - held an NSA agent captive. Upon the death of The Courier and his rescue, the NSA agent found a security photo of Tom Keen leaving a building where an assassination took place. The photo causes Elizabeth to doubt Tom even more. Gina Zanatakos is also in the photo.
  • Gina Zanetakos (No. 152) – Reddington informed Liz that Gina was Tom’s lover. This was meant to make Liz doubt Tom more and discover the truth.
  • Owen Mallory , head of the Cyprus Agency (No. 64) - Reddington brought up the adoption agency around the time Elizabeth and Tom were going to adopt a baby. By seeing the dark side of an adoption agency, Elizabeth had second thoughts. Thus Elizabeth was prevented from starting a family with Tom.
  • Pavlovich brothers (No. 119-122) - aided Ranko Zamani in his plan. They were later hired by Reddington to bring Tom Keen out of hiding, capture him, and take him to Elizabeth for questioning.

Lucy Brooks - Berlin Edit

  • Wujing (No. 84) - Reddington aided him in order to have a vicap number.
  • Nathaniel Wolff , head of General Ludd (No. 109) - capture of the leader, Nathanial Wolff, and dissolution of the movement allowed Reddington permission to use to vicap database. Using the number received from Wujing, Reddington identified Lucy Brooks. Lucy Brooks was another agent of The Major. Reddington also took a hard drive containing the program for the new 100 dollar banknote design from Wolff to give to a counterfeiter of his to enhance his criminal syndicate. Reddington also had printing plates made, which he gave to the Venezuelan Foreign Minister.

Cabal Edit

  • Tracy Solobotkin AKA “The Deer Hunter” (No. 93) – Reddington and Elizabeth Keen made a deal. Reddington would help catch The Deer Hunter and Keen would tell Reddington about the Fulcrum.
  • Bo Chang A.K.A. “The Troll Farmer” (No. 38) – used by Reddington and Elizabeth to manipulate media and footage in an attempt to smuggle them out of the city during the manhunt for them.
  • Marvin Gerard (No.80) - broken out of jail by Reddington to formulate a plan to take on the cabal.
  • Sir Crispin Crandall (No. 86) - had possession of the body of Andras Halmi, the Director’s adviser. Red wanted to find Crandall to find Halmi’s thumbs to gain access to a safe which contained money the Director skimmed from the Cabal and planned to run away with.
  • Cardinal Richards, leader of The Vehm (No. 132) – Red got revenge for the deaths of some of his associates and Red assimilated their money laundering operations into his syndicate to fight the Cabal.

Alexander Kirk Edit

  • Manuel Esteban (No. 79) - hired by Red to get information on Constantin Rastov's location in Cuba.
  • Owen Ayers A.K.A. "Gaia" (No. 81) - Red used Owen to find his son, Skyler, to find his hematologist who also has Constatin Rastov as a patient. Red would use the doctor to plan an ambush for Rastov.

Business Edit

  • Ivan (No. 88) - Reddington went after him for money he owed him. By getting his money back plus interest, Reddington could grow his criminal syndicate to fight his enemies.
  • Ruslan Denisov (No. 67) - Reddington strengthened his alliance with Ruslan by helping eliminate an oil company that was harming innocent people and stop the CIA and a corrupt military official. Also, Reddington replaced the harmful oil company with an oil company he had an alliance with. Thus Reddington grew his criminal syndicate to combat his enemies.
  • Frederick Barnes (No.47) – furthered Red’s FBI protection. No deep connection to the Red-Cabal war.
  • Vanessa Anne Cruz (No. 117) - Contacted by Nemec and was going to hire her on behalf of Reddington. Her role is unknown so far.
  • Linus Creel (No. 82) - possibly a distraction to get Naomi Hyland to a safer place. Possibly a way to find out if Elizabeth Keen had the warrior gene or possibly reveal to her that she had it. Going after Creel also allowed Reddington to make a mends with Haskell Twain, the Polyglot, thus adding a new ally for Reddington’s syndicate.
  • James Covington (No. 89) - he would have been hired by one of Red's rivals to perform surgery on a man in charge of an Indonesian port, but was arrested before hand, thus allowing Reddington to put one of his allies in his place.
  • Gregory Devry (No. 95) – hired by Red to help frame Marcus Caliguiri and clear Red’s name with the other Shell Island Retreat members.
  • Lady Ambrosia (No. 77) - Red located a former KGB agent’s daughter that was in her possession in exchange for files on Katarina Rastova. 
  • Reginald Turner A.K.A. “Drexel” (No. 113) – Red interrogated him to find Katarina Rastova, who had hired him to paint a picture of Reddington’s grave with Elizabeth Keen standing over it. 

Personal Edit

  • Albert Janus A.K.A. “The Caretaker” (No. 78) – Red wanted his ledger in order to locate a secret that he gave to the Caretaker. He wanted to destroy the secret before Liz or the FBI could find it. 
  • Alistair Pitt A.K.A. “The Promnestria” (No. 103) – furthered Red’s FBI protection. No deep connection to the Red-Cabal war. Red wanted revenge for Josephine Muliere’s abusive marriage that he arranged. 

Personal EnemiesEdit

  • Mako Tanida (No. 83) - enemy of Donald Ressler. Ressler arrested him during his search for Reddington. When he escaped prison he started to target Ressler and the other agents he felt were responsible for his brother’s murder. He also killed Audry, a former girlfriend of Ressler’s who was also pregnant.
  • Geoff Perl, head of the Mombasa Cartel (No. 114) - enemy of Dembe. As a child, Dembe’s family was murdered by the Mombasa Cartel and he was sold in their human trafficking trade.
  • Freelancer (No. 146) - not a personal enemy. However, he was hired by Reddington to kill Floriana Campo. Floriana Campo was the Head of the Eberhardt Cartel, who bought Dembe from the Mombassa Cartel, and then abused him, before leaving him to die of starvation or dehydration.
  • Scimitar (No. 22) - enemy of Samar Navabi. He was supposedly responsible for the death of Agent Navabi’s brother.
  • Ruth Kipling A.K.A. "The Judge" (No. 57) - enemy of Harold Cooper. Wanted to execute Cooper based off of false information from an inmate.
  • Karl Hoffman A.K.A. "The Good Samaritan" (No. 106) - enemy of Elizabeth Keen. Prior to being on the Blacklist Taskforce, Elizabeth had pursued The Good Samaritan but had no luck.
  • Blair A.K.A. "Arioch Cain" (No. 50) - enemy of Elizabeth Keen. She put a bounty on Elizabeth Keen because she believed she was responsible for her mother’s death in the OREA bombing.
  • Shahin Navabi A.K.A. "Zal Bin Hasaan" (No. 31) – personal enemy and brother of Samar Navabi. Responsible for the death of Navabi’s partner. He was chased by Navabi for a time. Hasaan was thought to have killed Shahin Navabi, until it was revealed that he was Shahin. Reddington captured him and used him as an offering to the Foreign Minister of Venezuela to aid clearing Liz's name.

Madeline PrattEdit

  • Madeline Pratt (No. 73) - has a cat and mouse relationship with Reddington. She constantly tries to outdo Reddington. She made a deal with the King family to capture and sell Reddington.
  • King family (No. 94)- helped Madeline Pratt get revenge on Reddington by kidnapping him and attempting to sell him at one of their auctions.

Alexander Kirk Edit

  • Constantin Rostov A.K.A. Alexander Kirk (No. 14) – contracted Halcyon Aegis to abduct Elizabeth Keen.
  • Susan Hargrave (No. 18) – head of Halcyon Aegis. She hired Matias Solomon to abduct Liz. After the failed abduction, she aligned with Reddington to take down Alexander Kirk.
  • Artax Network (No.41) – satellite network secretly belonging to Halcyon Aegis used to coordinate Halcyon agents. It was used by Halcyon operators to coordinate Liz's abduction.
  • Mato (No. 66) - hired by Rostov to find Agnes and Liz and later to kill Tom Keen.
  • Miles McGrath (No. 65) - hired by Rostov to steal a virus which could heal him.
  • The Thrushes (No. 53) - hired to monitor the Post Office.

The GamblerEdit

  • Sebastian Royce A.K.A. “The Gambler” (No. 148) - waging a war against the FBI.
  • Leon Kiklinski A.K.A. "The Lobbyist" (No. 148)- hired by “The Gambler” to frame the FBI for the “assassination” of Ryan Dupont, an activist that spoke out against the police and other attacks against the FBI.
  • John X (No. 192)- hired by "The Gambler" to rescue Leon Kiklinksi and to kill him if he failed a bet, which he did.

Mr. Kaplan Edit

  • Kathryn Nemec A.K.A. "Mr. Kaplan" (No. 4) - Started a war against Reddington after he attempted to kill her.
  • Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov (No. 29) - Hired by Kaplan to make Donald Ressler kill Laurel Hitchin, in order to break down the task force. Krilov was also the one who had blocked Elizabeth's memory of the fire.
  • Edgar Grant A.K.A. The Debt Collector (No. 46) - Hired by Reddington to kidnap Elizabeth in order to lure Kaplan out.
  • Judith Pruitt A.K.A. Isabella Stone (No. 34) - Hired by Kaplan to discredit Reddington.
  • Natalie Luca (No. 184) - Hired by Isabella Stone to take out associates of Reddington.
  • Philomena (No. 61) - Hired by Kaplan to capture Marvin Gerard.

"Connecting the Criminals" Edit

The Blacklist Season 2 Preview - Connecting the Criminals Featurette

The Blacklist Season 2 Preview - Connecting the Criminals Featurette

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