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Bo Chang
Bo Chang
Biographical information
aka Number 38
The Troll Farmer
Status 507px-Handcuff  Incarcerated
Physical description
Career information
Job Information warfare
Psychological warfare
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen "The Troll Farmer"
Last Seen "The Troll Farmer"
Episode Count 1
Season(s) 3
Actor(s) Aaron Yoo

Bo Chang is an internet expert and member of The Blacklist.


A computer genius, Chang, aided by a team of other "internet trolls", specialized in using the internet to create diversions or provoke reactions. Using false status updates in social media by thousands of fake accounts and even staged or doctored photos to spread disinformation, he could create convincing fake news stories that somehow benefited the people who hired him. Reddington, who had him on retainer for 3 years, told Liz that Chang was responsible for triggering an ebola scare in Atlanta to raise the stock value of a drug company and for creating the impression of a terrorist attack in Paris to cover up an art heist.

Season 3Edit

"The Troll Farmer"Edit

Reddington contacts Chang and gets him and his team to create a series of fake sightings of him and Liz to distract the FBI.

Later, Reddington gives Ressler Chang's name and location in exchange for him promising to sincerely give Liz the benefit of the doubt about the charges against her.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Will Bo Chang re-appear?


External LinksEdit

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