Christopher Maly a.k.a. "Craig Keen" is a character in NBC's The Blacklist.


Not much is known about Maly's origins, other than that he had a living mother he genuinely cared about. At some point, he was assigned to go undercover as "Craig Keen", the fake brother of Tom Keen, by Milos Kirchoff, a.k.a. Berlin.

Season 1Edit

Milton BobbitEdit

Maly appears at Liz and Tom's home to attend the renewal of their wedding vows. In private, he warns Tom that Liz may be onto him.

Maly is later abducted by Reddington and Dembe. First, they take him to a museum and show that they have his mother in their custody. They later take him to a hotel room and chain him to a sink. When Liz arrives, they begin to interrogate Maly. When they ask him who he works for, he mentions Berlin, but they think he is talking about the German city. They unchain him from the sink to take him away, but he seizes the oppurtunity jump through a window and leap to his death.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Was Maly also trained and employed by the Major, like Tom?


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