Colin Kilgannon was a member of The Blacklist.


Colin Killgannon was the son of the international smuggler Arthur Killgannon, known in the criminal underworld as "The Irishman". Alongside his father, Colin smuggled substances, objects, and people all over the world, working under the cover of being consultants for the shipping industry. The Killgannon family operated from Bulgaria, where they developed powerful political allies. After the fall of Raymond Reddington's organization due to Kathryn Nemec's actions, the Killgannons took over his human smuggling operation and seized Reddington's routes. At the same time, Colin took over the family's smuggling operation from his father, becoming the leader of the Killgannon organization. However, Colin proved out to be far more ruthless than Arthur, and ran the smuggling business on inhuman terms, transporting his clients in overcrowded cargo ships.

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