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Biographical information
Status Living
Citizenship Sierra Leone
Physical description
Hair Bald/Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6'3"
Weight 247 lbs
Career information
Job Driver/Security for Red
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen "The Freelancer"
Last Seen "The Pavlovich Brothers"
Season(s) 1
Actor(s) Hisham Tawfiq

Dembe is a recurring character in the NBC series, The Blacklist. He is Raymond Reddington's bodyguard.


Dembe is a Muslim former freedom fighter from South Sudan, who at some stage was trafficked by the Eberhardt Cartel and Red facilitated his escape. It was assumed that he was Raymond Reddington's bodyguard.

There are confirmed reports that Dembe was with Red in Sierra Leone and Brussels, Belgium. Other reports place him and Red in Murmansk and Belfast.

Season 1Edit

"The Freelancer"Edit

Along with Luli Zeng he was "the least offensive" to Harold Cooper and Diane Fowler for service in Red's security detail. He is Red's driver.

When Liz vists Floriana Campo's room after being told Red had hired the Freelancer, it is Dembe on guard outside the door. He follows her inside and watches while Campo dies.

Back at The Post Office while he is changing Ressler sees the mark of the Eberhardt Cartel on his shoulder.


He and Luli Zeng pick up Liz and Red, after Wujing drops them off, in Red's limousine

"The Stewmaker"Edit

He is with Red when he meets with Liz to tell her that Hector Lorca has contacted him about a new identity.

He answers the phone in Haiti when Liz calls to advise Red that Lorca's trial has been abandoned.

He drives Red's limousine to Stanley R. Kornish's cabin after stopping to buy meat.

"The Courier"Edit

He drives Liz and Red to the location where Nelson is buried. He performs CPR on Nelson.

"Gina Zanetakos"Edit

He is with Red when Liz arrives to ask Red about Max Ruddiger. He accompanies Red while he makes a new deal with Max Ruddiger, possibly to intimidate Max, as during the negotiations he stands behind Max.

"Frederick Barnes"Edit

He is with Red at his tailors when Red calls the tip-line regarding the subway attack. He remains while Red briefs Liz and Ressler.

He is surprised when Liz walks past the car, when Red is on the way to Cuba.

He drives Red away from the Forrester home. He accompanies Red and Luli Zeng to the house and rigs the explosive that destroys Raymond Reddington's old house.

"General Ludd"Edit

He held a gun on Nathaniel Wolff while Red stole the hard drive containing the program for the new 100 dollar banknote design.

"Anslo Garrick"Edit

Garrick's men capture him separately from Red. After shooting Luli, Garrick points a gun to Dembe's head to force Red to get out of the box. Red pleads with Harold to give him the code which he refuses. Red then tries to revive Ressler to extract the code from him but he is unconscious. Dembe urges him to say goodbye. They recite Al-Ikhlas, a chapter from the Qur'an ( Say:Allah, the One and Only; [1] Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; [2] He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; [3] And there is none comparable unto Him. [4]) together and the screen faded to black with a gun shot sound.

You can listen Al-Ikhlas: Al-Ikhlas Video

Dembe says "Good bye, My Brother."

As a islamic teaching and a verse in the Quran , Allah says that "The believers are but Brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy."

"Anslo Garrick Conclusion"Edit

He attempts to rescue Red after the Post Office is retaken by the FBI. Later, he leads the raid on the communications outpost, however he is unable to prevent the destruction of the primary hard drives.

"The Good Samaritan"Edit

Dembe is back in his familiar role, as Red's driver and shadow. When Red catches the associate of the man spying on Liz and Tom's home, Dembe is nearby. When Red calls Liz about The Good Samaritan, Dembe is driving. He is present when Red interrogates the people that were hired to help Anslo Garrick. He is later present when Red interrogates Aram Mojtabai.

"The Alchemist"Edit

Every time Red meets with the activists hunting the mole for him, he is shadowed by Dembe. It is possible that the implied threat, thus presented, encourages obedience to Red's wishes.

"The Cyprus Agency"Edit

Dembe continues in his role as Red's bodyguard and shadow. He does not accompany Red to the meeting with Diane Fowler.

"Madeline Pratt"Edit

"The Judge"Edit

"Mako Tanida"Edit

Dembe delivers Mako Tanida's head to Donald Ressler.


"Milton Bobbit"Edit

"The Pavlovich Brothers"Edit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. How did Dembe escape from the Eberhardt Cartel?
    1. A: He could have been sold by the cartel as a child soldier to a mercenary/rebel group. He later escaped during a battle in Africa.
    2. A: His escape was facilitated by Red.
  2. Why is the relationship between Dembe and Raymond Reddington so personal? Red's relationship with Luli Zeng was limited to the professional/business.


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