Dominic Wilkinson is the father of Katarina Rostova and grandfather of Elizabeth Keen.


Not much is known about Dominic Wilkinson' past aside from the facts that he was born in Russia and that he is a notorious KGB agent that operated in the United State under the code name "Oleander", having been investigated by the FBI. Sometime in his life, he had his daughter Katarina Rostova with an unknown woman. Following the end of the Cold War, Dom moved to a reclusive house in the United States and assumed the identity of Dominic Wilkinson, a retired systems analyst, and cut down all ties with his family to protect them from reprisals.

Dom is among the very few who know that Raymond Reddington is not the real Raymond Reddington, but an imposter who took over his identity over 30 years ago. As much as Dominic despised him, he has shown he does care for Red, as he respected his wishes to not let his granddaughter know what happened to her mother.

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He met his granddaughter Elizabeth for the first time, though he didn't divulge his true identity to her. However he did share on how he knew her mother Katarina. After she left, Dom called Reddington to inform him of Elizabeth's visit, in the end he expressed his frustration on having seen his granddaughter for the first time in 30 years without informing her of who he is. Dominic also warned him to stop being evasive and tell her the truth about what he did, to which he hung up on him.

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After recovering the duffle bag of bones, Red returns to Dom's cabin with Dembe. Dom watches as Reddington burns the bones of what is revealed to be the real Raymond Reddington who had been killed and replaced decades before by the imposter known as Raymond Reddington. Aware of the man's secret, Dom warns that while Liz may not know his secret, she knows he has one and will never stop till she discovers it. However Dom, Dembe and Raymond are unaware that Liz has already learned the truth, that Raymond is not the real Raymond Reddington.


  • Dom addresses his granddaughter Elizabeth Keen by her birth name Masha.


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