Gabriela Espinoza is a character in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


She was a member of the Espinoza Cartel, a cartel run by her family. Unlike her other family members, like her father, uncle, and sister who were all heads of the cartel, she preferred partying to business.

Sometime in the 1980s, her father was killed and replaced by her uncle in a power move by rogue CIA agents. Years later, under her sister's leadership of the cartel, she was contacted by the Wraith and told that her sister kept the men that helped in the coup against her father employed. This angered Gabriela and she went to her sister for an explanation. Her sister explained that she was more interested in business than revenge. Gabriela became enraged and started killing members of the cartel that had a hand in betraying her father.

Don EspinozaEdit



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