The Blacklist - 4x11 - The Harem
Biographical information
aka Number 102
Eva Taylor
Kate Morgan
Lily Hum
Status 507px-Handcuff  Incarcerated (Margot Rochet, Sasha Lau)
Deceased (Jessica Piha)
Cause of death Shot by Helldritch private security
Physical description
Career information
Job Thieves
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen "The Harem"
Season(s) 4
Actor(s) Jill Hennessy (Margot Rochet)
Ito Aghayere (Jessica Piha)
Anastasia Griffith (Emma Knightly)
Hettienne Park (Sascha Lau)

The Harem is a member of The Blacklist.


The Harem is a elite heist crew formed by highly skilled female thieves that steals only from other criminals. Their leader is Margot Rochet, a former Federal Corrections Administrator that has a network of prisoners and guards trading anything for information in the criminal world. Among The Harem´s thefts, they stole 6 paintings of the Ostergard Museum in 2012 from the thieves who originally stole it from the museum; abducted the race horse of a Mexican drug lord in 2014 and auctioned it for 6,000,000 dollars; and emptied the top secret safety deposit box of a French arms dealer at the Belize National Bank.

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