Judith Pruitt is a member of The Blacklist.


Judith Pruitt was the wife of a wealthy Wall Street business man Gavin Pruitt, who worked for Raymond Reddington. When Gavin was arrested and indicted for numerous white collar crime charges, Judith stayed beside him, believing firmly in her husband's innocence, but Gavin was convicted and ended up forging his death in prison and disappearing with Reddington's help without telling anything to Judith. After her husband's downfall and staged death, Judith mantained a high status as a wealthy socialite that appeared in several public events, but in secret, she entered the black market and using the name Isabella Stone, Judith became a character assassin that would destroy her target's reputation and business by any means necessary, orchestrating calculated attacks to their organizations, such as public scandals and assassinations. Reddington credited Pruitt for the framing of a world renowed cardiologist for the mercy killings of 12 of his patients due to lethal prescriptions that were in fact given to them by Pruitt using the doctor's name after hacking his passwords, and for causing a fire at a factory in Bangladesh and killing 68 people, including 27 children, which exposed horrific working conditions that were blamed on the factory's main contractor, a powerful fashion company owned by a famous designer, shaking the entire industry in the process.

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