Katarina Rostova is the mother of Elizabeth Keen.


Katarina Rostova is a former KGB agent who used to work in Foreign Intelligence and the mother of Elizabeth Keen. According to Red, when the Soviet Union was collapsing, Constantin Rostov took Liz from her and fled. Katarina gave up everything to follow her husband and her daughter. When she finally found them, she and Constantin were arguing with her pleading to come back and to be a family again. The argument escalated into a physical confrontation in which resulted in Liz shooting her father to protect her mother. However, due to Liz's trauma and Red's evasive answers, it is not clear what really happened that night.

Constantin told Elizabeth that she and Raymond had an affair which she at some point ended it. Upset, Raymond allegedly took Liz from her parents.

Depressed that the child she adored killed the only man that she ever loved, Katarina was never the same again. Two months later, she went to Cape May, New Jersey, left her clothes on the beach and walked into the sea.

While her present fate is unclear, both Red and Sam Scott told Liz that her mother died. Most people in the intelligence community believe that Katarina Rostova never existed. Several CIA agents viewed her as a Soviet Mata Hari whose career had been glorified for propaganda reasons. She was a myth and had been a cover identity for numerous female Soviet operatives. However, there have been signs that Katarina Rostova faked her own death. Anton Velov was tasked with hunting down Katarina Rostova and tracked her down to a hotel in Prague. When Anton came, he found that Katarina left the hotel in a hurry but missed to take the picture of Masha with her. In "Drexel", it was revealed a painting was commissioned titled "Rostova".

Season 2Edit

She is briefly mentioned by Peter Kotsiopulos when Liz searches for the truth and finds out that Katarina is her mother. It is also known that she was a KGB Russian Spy, wanted by the FBI.

Season 3Edit

"Cape May"Edit

She reappeared in a flashback.

Season 4Edit


She reappeared in a flashback.

"Miles McGrath"Edit

She reappeared in a flashback. As Liz is reading her diary, she not only learns about Katarina's affair with Red, but also a rare cancer plaguing the males in Rostov's family. She also mentioned that she is glad that Masha won't suffer the from the rare cancer that Constantin suffers from due to her gender. Katarina and Liz briefly see each other.


We learn the history of Raymond Reddington, Kathryn Nemec, Katarina, Constantin Rostov, Sam Scott, and Elizabeth Keen.


  • In "Cape May" she is shown playing the piano.
  • In "Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion" it is revealed that Reddington was involved in Katarina's fate. Dembe comments that he doesn't think Elizabeth will "ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina".

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Is Katarina Rostova alive?
    1. A: Information is inconclusive. It first was said that she committed suicide by drowning in the sea, but her body was never recovered so it's possible that she could still be alive. She might have stolen someone’s identity to go into hiding.


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