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Biographical information
aka Number 42
Paul Fredrick Smithson
Malcom Royce
Mr. King
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot by Donald Ressler
Citizenship United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Physical description
Career information
Job Public Relations Consultant (Spin Doctor)
Political strategy
Opposition research
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen The Kingmaker
Season(s) 1
Actor(s) Linus Roache


He was a political expert who manipulated political careers. He acted as a mercenary who drove politicians to the apex of power or destroyed their careers. His tactics ranged from staging media events to assassinating the competition. He was said to groom his clients for years, deciding their education, careers, and even their family.

"The Kingmaker"Edit

He framed Emil Dusek, a member of the Czech parliament, for the murder of a male escort to wreck Raymond Reddington's plans. Later, he convinced Patrick Chandler, an aspiring state assemblyman, to stage a car accident on a bridge as a "media stunt". This earned Chandler attention in the media, but his wife died in the accident. He insisted on moving on with the plan even after Chandler informed him that the FBI was asking questions about the staged accident. The Kingmaker later visits the man he paid to force Chandler's car off of the bridge and kills him to silence him, staging the death as a suicide. As the next part of his plan for Chandler, the Kingmaker went after Senator Albert Mitchell. Under the guise of a burglary, he attempted to assassinate the senator, as his death would force a special election for his seat in the U.S. Senate, which Chandler would be in prime condition to take over. After shooting Mitchell, he hid to avoid Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler. Ambushing Keen, he began to strangle her but was shot by Ressler and killed. Reddington then calls Keen and requests to question the Kingmaker (presumaly about the Dusek incident), but is disappointed when he finds out the Kingmaker is dead.


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