Leo Andropov was a Russian virus expert and accomplice to Karakurt.


Andropov worked for the Russians as a virologist. A prodigy in the field, he published his first and only paper on the subject at the age of 16, after which he was recruited by the Soviet government. He later started working for the Cabal.

Season 2Edit


He stands in front of a college posing as an anti-Patriot Act activist when a male student bumps into him. They talk a bit, the student signs his petition, shakes his hand and walks away. Andropov watches as the student starts shaking, cramping and bleeding from the nose and eyes and then collapses. Andropov slips away, telling someone on his phone that they have "achieved customization" and to begin step 2.

"Tom Connolly"Edit

Tom Keen and Elizabeth Keen search for answers regarding Harold Cooper's health and answers on Katarina Rostova. During the chase, he is stopped by 2 other people who are supposed to be his extraction team, but the team kills him since he has been located.

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