Margarita Levieva is an American-Soviet TV actor.

Early LifeEdit

Career she smokesEdit

Globalization has made the exchange of products much more easier to enter and exit countries, this is because of  the EU. The EU, is a political and economical union contained of 28 states that help develop a internal single market. The EU also created the Schengen zone, where 6 countries in Europe are involved, and when entering this zone, tourists can move from country to country without having to show their passport, visa and go through all security process. It contributes to this movement since people can travel easily from any of this countries to the others. In document 1, we can clearly see how the dark blue areas in the map, represent the EU members in the euro zone, which share the same currency (euro) and are really close together, making it easier for people to cross from country to country. This is to say, that Globalization has made living in Europe more practical and easy that has brought many benefits along.

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