Matias Solomon is a former high-ranking member of the Cabal and a main character in the NBC series "The Blacklist: Redemption".


He was a CIA asset in Ethiopia until he enlisted for the Eritrean-Ethiopian War (6 May 1998 - 25 May 2000). The CIA disavowed him after he committed horrific war crimes. Despite this, he was in charge of Operation Backslide, a CIA operation to assist Somalia against the Islamic Courts Union (6 June 2006 - 27 December 2006).

Season 3Edit

"The Troll Farmer"Edit

Solomon meets with the Peter Kotsiopulos and lectures him for the exposure of the Cabal and the Fulcrum. He tells Peter that his position is shaky.

"Marvin Gerard"Edit

Solomon is seen at the end of the episode holding Raymond Reddington's bodyguard and driver, Dembe Zuma, hostage for torture.

"Eli Matchett"Edit

He drags in Vargas to terrify Dembe.

"The Djinn"Edit

His name is given as Matias Solomon. Leonard Caul tells Red his history in Ethiopia.

"Sir Crispin Crandall"Edit

Peter Kotsiopulos manages to force Solomon to restrain his actions by threatening to inform the Bonn located Cabal members of his intentions.

"Zal Bin Hasaan"Edit

Solomon reveals that his cover occupation is that of a German security contractor.

"Kings of the Highway"Edit

Reven Wright reveals more of Solomon's history in Africa.

"The Director"Edit

He attempts to assassinate Tom, Donald Ressler, and Karakurt in a hidden cabin at an undisclosed location with the group, and is later then incarcerated by Ressler.

"Mr. Solomon"Edit

Solomon's execution by Cabal agents is stopped by an unknown person who hires Solomon to kidnap Keen.

"Mr. Solomon: Conclusion"Edit

"Alexander Kirk"Edit

Solomon is shot by Tom Keen in a pharmacy in Berlin. When the authorities arrive, there is a blood stain but Solomon has fled.

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