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Mr. Kaplan
Mr Kaplan
Biographical information
Status Living
Physical description
Career information
Job Fixer for Raymond Reddington
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen Anslo Garrick Conclusion
Last Seen Dr. James Covington
Episode Count 5
Season(s) 1, 2
Actor(s) Susan Blommaert

Mr. Kaplan is a character in NBC's "The Blacklist" who first appeared in "Anslo Garrick Conclusion".


Mr. Kaplan has worked for Raymond Reddington for many years. Her first name is Kate (“Monarch Douglas Bank”). She is often seen helping Red dispose of bodies and clean up crime scenes.

Season 1Edit

Anslo Garrick ConclusionEdit

Red gave Elizabeth Keen contact details for Mr. Kaplan while they were in the ambulance.

After Liz had killed one of the men spying on her and Tom, she called Mr. Kaplan rather than the FBI. Liz was surprised when a woman arrived, but Mr. Kaplan quickly took charge and arranged for the cleaning of the site and the disposal of the body.

Mr. Kaplan then organized the raid on a possible location for Red, which is led by Dembe.

The Cyprus AgencyEdit

She is called by Red to clean up the crime scene after he killed Diane Fowler. He apologized for the mess, but she said that she had been cleaning up after him for a long time.


Mr. Kaplan meets up with Red and Dembe to show them her discovery of the deceased bodies of Lucy Brooks and The Cowboy, further proving his suspicions of Tom Keen. Red states that Kaplan is a "bloodhound" when it comes to locating corpses. Red tells her to cover it up the same way it was buried and he will decide the next course of action.

Season 2Edit

Monarch Douglas BankEdit

In this episode we learn Mr. Kaplan's first name when she arrives to clean up one of Red's murders. She is disturbed with him and says so which causes him to lash out at her, calling her "Kate", telling her to do her job. He apologizes moments later knowing that she is only concerned with his recent spree of deaths she has had to clean up after.

Dr. James CovingtonEdit

Liz asks for Kaplan's help in examining corpses to avoid the difficulty of obtaining legal warrants.

Kaplan states that she was sleeping with a Coroner's sister in the past. Indicating she has a sexual interest in women or may not have always been a woman herself.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. How many other people call Raymond Reddington "Dearie"?
  2. How long have Raymond Reddington and Kaplan known each other?
  3. What is the skill set needed to be a corpse locating "bloodhound"?
    1. A: Forensics.


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