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Nathaniel Wolff
Wolff Pilot
Biographical information
aka Number 109
Arthur Denning
Bradley Holland
John Horlbeck
Roger Gard
100+ other aliases
Status 507px-Handcuff  Incarcerated
Family Michael Wolff (father, deceased)
Unknown mother
Unknown siblings
Physical description
Career information
Job Anti-capitalist Terrorist
Economic Terrorist
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen General Ludd
Last Seen General Ludd
Season(s) 1
Actor(s) Justin Kirk

Nathanial Wolff was an anti-capitalist terrorist and leader of the terrorist organization known as General Ludd. He first appeared in "General Ludd".


Nathaniel Wolff's father was a union mechanic for PTB Aviation that attempted to stop the hostile takeover of the airline he worked for. After failing to do so, he turned to alcholism and his family left him. This led to his father committing suicide. This led to Nathaniel founding the "General Ludd" (Luddite) movement and waging an economic terrorism war against the wealthy elite.

"General Ludd"Edit

Wolff destroyed 2 planes to force the grounding of all United States commercial air traffic. This allowed him to hijack an armored car carrying the hard drive for the new 100 dollar banknote design. He replaced the real hard drive with a counterfeit computer program that would have resulted in the printing of counterfeit currency. This would have destroyed the trust in the United States currency. He escaped by spreading 500 million dollars in currency into the air and blending into a General Ludd protest. Raymond Reddington caught him at the airport and stole the real hard drive. Soon after he was arrested by Donald Ressler. During the arrest he mocked Ressler for his loyalty to the powers that be.



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