Samar Navabi is a main character and Mossad and FBI agent.


Samar Navabi is a Mossad operative who has had past interactions with Raymond Reddington. With the death of Meera Malik, she is assigned by Deputy Director Cooper to the task force as an investigative agent and Mossad liaison.

She is an Iranian-born Baloch, we learn, who was radicalized and, one assumes, recruited by Mossad because of the mistreatment and killing of her parents by the Iranian regime.

Season 2Edit

Lord BaltimoreEdit

Samar extracts Raymond Reddington from a hotel with a squad and an attack helicopter. The FBI later arranges for him to be released. She explains to Reddington before he's released that she tracked him by analyzing his patterns and determining he had a very specific taste in high-end ties. Knowing that, they laced the dye at the manufacturer's end, which allowed them to track everybody who owned one. Reddington is impressed. On release, Reddington offers to tell her who killed her brother, but she already knows the name. However, that person has been missing for many years.

Monarch Douglas BankEdit

Samar shows up to cover Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler escape from a tactical team with Kaja, an important witness. Later, she meets with Harold Cooper to show him the intel she had on Reddington, which impresses him. He asks her what he has to do to get her on his team. She later calls Reddington to tell him she's in and that she's looking forward to working with him.

Dr. James CovingtonEdit

Harold Cooper introduces Samar to the team. She is on indefinite loan. Aram Mojtabai is visibly smitten with her, and it's revealed she only took 74 days to find Reddington, as opposed to Ressler's unsuccessful 5 years. She listens in as the case progresses but doesn't take an active role.

Dr. Linus CreelEdit

Working through redacted documentation on black ops budgets, she informs the team of the existence of an asset called The Polyglot, who can give meaning to otherwise indecipherable documentation. She also assists with identifying Creel's victims, and chasing down the last triggered victim. In the end, she provides Elizabeth with the results of genetic testing done by Creel.

The FrontEdit

Samar assists in decoding a Cyrillic cypher left at a burial site that tells where the body was reburied. She later helps chase down a plague carrier, who infects her before shooting her in the side. Elizabeth applies first aid and they're quarantined together. Later, Aram sits with her in the hospital while she receives treatment.

The Mombasa CartelEdit

The ScimitarEdit

The DecembristEdit

Luther BraxtonEdit

Luther Braxton ConclusionEdit

Ruslan DenisovEdit

The Kenyon FamilyEdit

The Deer HunterEdit

T. Earl King VIEdit

The MajorEdit

Tom KeenEdit

Samar states that Liz and Tom have a romantic relationship based on their felonies. This reveals her views on romance and the felony.

The Longevity InitiativeEdit

Vanessa CruzEdit

Leonard CaulEdit

Quon ZhangEdit

Red calls her to use enhanced interrogation techniques on Kenneth Jasper. After he leaves, she helps him escape under the impression that she is working for the Director. This is proven untrue, when, she drives him to another house where Reddington is waiting for them.

Later on, she interrogates Quon Zhang with Elizabeth Keen.


Tom ConnollyEdit

Season 4Edit

"Natalie Luca"Edit

Samar states that the criminals have a romantic relationship based on their felonies. This reveals her views on romance and the felony.

Season 5Edit

"The Informant"Edit

Samar states Keen's need to avenge herself is a symbol of a romantic relationship based on her felonies. This reveals her views on romance and the felony.



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