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Season 1
The Blacklist
Announced May 10, 2013
Episodes 22 (ordered)
Aired September 23, 2013-TBA
Executive Producers Jon Bokenkamp
John Davis
John Eisendrath
John Fox
Stars James Spader
Megan Boone
Diego Klattenhoff
Ryan Eggold
Parminder Nagra
Harry Lennix
Premiere "Pilot"
Previous N/A
Next Season 2

Season 1 is the first season of NBC's The Blacklist. The show premiered on September 23, 2013 with "Pilot".


The season starts with Raymond Reddington surrendering to to the FBI, establishing his bona fides by helping them to capture an international terrorist long thought to be dead. Red has special conditions for his help, he has to remain apparently free so that his contacts will still communicate with him and he will only give information to rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen.

As the season progresses it becomes clear that Red has at least one hidden motive for turning himself into the FBI. From using the FBI to expose breathtaking corruption in the field of international humanitarian work, to enabling those working with him to exorcise personal demons.

Red also has an unknown adversary, and is he hiding behind the FBI, or using them to flush his enemy out and destroy their organization?

Red also has an arrangement with another unknown group, who organized an attack on the FBI black site, known as the Post Office, which was the command center of the Blacklist team as a demonstration of their power. Red knows a secret about this group, which he has arranged to be divulged should he die.



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