The Seawall Travel Agency is a member of The Blacklist.


The Seawall Travel Agency was a black market organization of contract assassins that posed as a regular travel agency based in Pennsylvania founded by Edward Knobbs and Mitchell Dunning. The agency worked in the shadows for nearly 30 years, operating through a network of assets, handlers, and assassins disguised as legitimate travel agency employees and would communicate with each other through strict protocols that did not require members to meet in person. In 2002, the agency shut down with no explanation. Among the murders commited by the Seawall Agency were the assassination of a civil rights activist in 1983, the poisoning of an anti-Glasnot Soviet business man in 1987, the murder of a Utah congressman in South Lake City, and the murder of a South African police general in Cape Town, the last 2 carried out by Calvin Dawson. Records kept by Edward Knobbs reveal that the Seawall Agency also commited assassinations in Seville, Rome, Instanbul, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Santiago, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Marrakesh, San Jose, and elsewhere.

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  • Argon Wright
  • Calvin Dawson
  • Edward Knobbs
  • Eleanor Dawson
  • Mitchell David Dunning
  • Numerous others


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