The Blacklist: Redemption was a short-lived TV series and spin-off of The Blacklist. "Alexander Kirk", acts as a backdoor pilot, with Famke Janssen and Ryan Eggold reprising their roles as Susan Scott Hargrave and Tom Keen, respectively. Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath wrote the series. This series was premiered on February 13 and concluded on April 13, 2017.

On May 12, 2017 NBC announced that franchise of Redemption has been cancelled after one season.


Undercover operative Tom Keen joins forces with Susan Scott Hargrave, the brilliant and cunning chief of Grey Matters, a covert mercenary organization that solves problems governments don't dare touch. While on the hunt for Elizabeth Keen's attacker, Tom secretly discovered that Scottie is actually his biological mother. Now, as they team to employ their unique skills and resources in a dangerous world of deadly criminals, Tom begins his own covert mission to find out more about his shadowy past.


  1. "Leland Bray" (23 February 2017)
  2. "Kevin Jensen" (2 March 2017)
  3. "Independence, U.S.A." (9 March 2017)
  4. "Operation Davenport" (16 March 2017)
  5. "Borealis 301" (23 March 2017)
  6. "Hostages" (30 March 2017)
  7. "Whitehall" (6 April 2017)
  8. "Whitehall: Conclusion" (13 April 2017)



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