I decided to create this blog since one of the administraters took most of my question off of the unanswered questions section of the Arioch Cain.

Here is my question in full:

How is Arioch Cain number 50 on the blacklist? Going off the theory that Reddington had the blacklist formed before he turned himself in, Red probably didn’t know about Cain. She is a young girl that would have been even younger when Red made the blacklist. Also, she didn’t seem to be worthy of blacklisting until after the OREA bombing, when she made the profile. This means Arioch Cain didn’t exist when Red made the blacklist. Wendigo seems more like a blacklister since Red knew a lot about him and he seemed to be operating longer than Cain. 

The administrater answered that she was number 50 because that was the name of the episode, but that doesn't answer my question.

In my opinion, Wendigo should have been a blacklister or the blacklister for this episode.

He fit all of the blacklist criteria:

  • Red knew about him and feared him (Red has either known blacklisters personally or known their M.O.s)
  • He was a vigilante (similar to The Good Samaritan , The Judge , and Vanessa Cruz )
  • Red told Ressler that Wendigo was better than him (similar to The Alchemist
  • He was an international criminal (like most blacklisters)
  • The FBI didn't know about him (like most blacklisters)

Blair A.K.A. Cain doesn't fit

  • Red didn't know about her until the middle of the episode
  • she became a criminal after the OREA bombing and some days after that, meaning she couldn't have been part of the original blacklist

If Cain was going to be a blacklister she should have been number 162, after the Stewmaker, or some number that was a new addition to the blacklist.

If you watch the episode preview, it seems to indicate Wendigo as the blacklister.

" A blacklister takes justice into his own hands..."

  • It shows Wendigo
  • The narrator indicates that the blacklister is a male. Wendigo is male and Blair is female.
  • The blacklister takes justice into his own hands. Wendigo was a vigilante that took justice into his own hands. Blair was out for revenge not justice. 

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