Here is my theory of Red and Liz. First off, I never got the feeling that they were going to be a couple like some people thought. I always got a father-daughter vibe from them.

Okay here is my theory. A Russian KGB agent, Katarina Rastova, met an American Naval Intelligence officer, Raymond Reddington. The two spies fell in love. Later, they had a child named Masha. Reddington was such a skilled spy that he caught the attention of a secret organization called the Cabal. Reddington may have worked for them for a time, however he changed his mind about the organization. He learned of the Fulcrum, a file which contained crucial information on the members of the Cabal and their activities created by Leonard Caul.

Around Christmas time, the Cabal sent agents to Reddington’s house to look for the Fulcrum. Katarina fought with a Cabal agent. During the struggle, a gun fell to the floor. Masha picked up the gun and shot the Cabal agent. Masha then ran in fear. During the fight, the house started on fire. Both Reddington and Masha were burnt, Redington on his back and Masha on her wrist. Reddington realized that he couldn’t protect his daughter as long as he was around her and he couldn’t take her on the run. Since Reddington escaped the Cabal’s attack, they put him on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Reddington decided that his daughter needed a chance at a normal life. He erased her memories and sent her to live with one of his friends, Sam Scott. Reddington then went on the run and eventually became one of the most fearsome criminals in the world.  He eventually met the Major and used one of his agents Jacob Phelps, A.K.A. Tom Keen, to watch over his daughter, now Elizabeth.

Eventually, Alan Fitch and the Stewmaker helped Zoe D'Antonio escape from her father, Berlin. The Cabal made Berlin think that Reddington was responsible for his daughter’s death. The Cabal allowed Berlin to attack Reddington as they feared Red would release the information on the Fulcrum, and that they could bargain with Red. The Fulcrum in exchange for protection. Berlin later turned Tom Keen to his side.

Eventually, the pressure from Berlin and the Cabal became too much. Red turned himself into the FBI to fight Berlin and the Cabal.

There are so many little pieces of evidence throughout the show which support this.

·         In Fredrick Barnes, Red blew up his old house

·         Red has photos of Liz graduating and as a little girl with Katarina in an apartment

·         Red kept a wine bottle Liz and Sam made

·         In the Djinn, Red seemed like Liz’s fantasy was his

·         It is known Red has a daughter

·         In the comic series, Red was making his will for Liz to inherit his belongings

·         In the comic series, it is revealed he helped Liz graduate FBI schooling early

·         In Fredrick Barnes, Red said he can understand burning down the world to protect loved ones

·         In the Troll Farmer, he was distracted by how much Liz looked like her mother

There is so much more.

Let me know what you think.

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