• Villain In A Crown 468

    Ok, so Blacklist is coming back and soon. I knows, they are killing me by playing the teaser over and over again. I'm telling you, the way Red look at Liz in her new hair?! No way he could be her father.

    For a while, it's always bugged me that between Red and Liz, there're something more, not just simply because they are father and daughter( even if this turn out to be truth) and after watching some reasons others have on YouTube, I realize Lizzington share some similarities with Hannibal/Clarice, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm seeing hope Lizzington is become possible right here

    +Liz and Clarice, both of them are FBI agents

    +The two shared some traits of personalities, unpredictable, can be soft and hard, caring,etc.

    +Red and Hannibal,refuseā€¦

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