Ok, so Blacklist is coming back and soon. I knows, they are killing me by playing the teaser over and over again. I'm telling you, the way Red look at Liz in her new hair?! No way he could be her father.

For a while, it's always bugged me that between Red and Liz, there're something more, not just simply because they are father and daughter( even if this turn out to be truth) and after watching some reasons others have on YouTube, I realize Lizzington share some similarities with Hannibal/Clarice, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm seeing hope Lizzington is become possible right here

+Liz and Clarice, both of them are FBI agents

+The two shared some traits of personalities, unpredictable, can be soft and hard, caring,etc.

+Red and Hannibal,refused to speak with anyone else except for Liz/Clarice

+They are two dangerous, well-known criminals

+The loves/caring they show toward hers

+Basically, one have killed people for the sake of the other one

+Hannibal and Red, asked the other one to shared their stories in exchange for information

+Clearly Red and Liz have this chemical between them just as Hannibal shared with Clarice

+Their trust at each other

+Also they see each other as an enigma that they are trying to solve

So these are some points that I found so alike with Hannibal/Clarice and the two in the novel did end up together as a couple so it make me wonder is this maybe what the director of the series are heading or just simply my crazy theory and some coincidently facts? Who knows? Maybe, just maybe. So what about you? What do you think? Lizzington, can they be together?

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