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Zoe D'Antonio
Biographical information
Status Alive
Family Milos Kirchoff (Father, deceased)
Physical description
Career information
Job Food truck worker
Out-of-Universe information
First Seen The Front
Last Seen The Decembrist
Season(s) 2
Actor(s) Scottie Thompson

Zoe D'Antonio is a character in NBC's The Blacklist.


Born in the former Soviet Union, Zoe was the daughter of KGB officer Milos Kirchoff. When she fell in love with a dissident, she faced threats of imprisonment. Her father used his connections to help her escape, but was put in a gulag himself. While he was there, an American intelligence officer named Alan Fitch helped Zoe flee the country and assume a new identity in the United States and convinced her father that Raymond Reddington had killed her to cover their tracks.

Season 2Edit

The FrontEdit

Raymond Reddington suspected that Milos' daughter is alive. Using a photograph of her as a child that he stole from Stanley R. Kornish's photo book of his victims he contacts Glen Carter to help find her. Red was able to find her living under her alias, Zoe. He and Dembe Zuma watch her from afar.

The Mombasa CartelEdit

The ScimitarEdit

Red bonds with Zoe who tells him things about her father that even he didn't know. Apologizing for his actions, Red and Dembe bring her to be reunited with Milos.

The DecembristEdit


External LinksEdit

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